About Us
Grasea Corporation was founded in 2009 with Professional, Attentive, and Faithful as our core company values. We are committed to our clients on building excellence interactions, making superior profits and at the same time creating a successful working environment.

Grasea is providing services of Phone/pad Apps Development, System Platform Development, Geo Spatial Data Analysis, GIS Professional Software Development, and Technical Consultant Services. Grasea is rooted in Android system, GIS fields, Expandable real-time systems and also focus on our own products developments. We have the technologies for Granadroid Framework, GIS Data Analysis Framework, Distributed-Computing Framework, and Real-time Environment Framework etc. Therefore we can assist our clients to build their dedicated Apps or systems more efficiently without sacrificing service qualities and stabilities.

Grasea is continuously committed to provide most valuable services for our clients!
Grasea sincerely welcomes you to build a better world together!